Airbnb's Success Strategy

Updated: Mar 17

Ever wondered how Airbnb blew up to what it is today?

One of the main reasons for this was their excellent social media strategy and how they built their community by using the interests of their own audience as marketing for their service.

Airbnb has tailored its Instagram account towards the traveller’s itch. Airbnb have created a community where users will post visually compelling photographs of their houses and rooms.

This has generated Airbnb:

  • High engagement of 3’000 -14’000 Instagram likes per post.

  • A wealth of influenced people taking on travelling.

  • An increase in hosts and guests through Airbnb.

The main goal here was to entice a community of travellers to get started on their journey and take Airbnb as their host for the beautiful scenery and views.

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